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Does your facility need disinfecting services? Do you want to stop the spread of germs in your building? Rightway Commercial Cleaning can help. We offer daily, weekly and bi-weekly cleaning options to help keep your office looking clean and professional.

Does your office need a detailed spring clean? We've got you covered. Find out why we're a preferred local cleaning company. Call 803-767-1226 today to schedule contract commercial cleaning services in the Lexington, SC area.

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Don't hire just anyone to clean your office. Turn to a local cleaning company with more than 10 years of hands-on experience. You can count on our team for:

Disinfection services
Deep-cleaning services
Commercial cleaning services

We'll clean and disinfect your bathrooms, floors, door knobs, light switches and work surfaces. Worried about what harsh chemicals will do to your surfaces, and to the environment? Don't sweat it - we use environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Contact us today to arrange for contract commercial cleaning services in the Lexington, SC area.